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John Kain

John Kain Photography and Fine Art

San Antonio, TX


Started taking pictures when I was 17 with an old Brownie 120 twin lens. I progressed through many types of cameras and though I still shoot film, i switched primarily to digital in 2006 with a Nikon D80. As an Architectural Engineer I love architecture and things mechanical. I am also an avid gardner and flowers are another passion in my photography.

As a frustrated artist, I have dabbled in pencil, and charcoal sketches, oil and watercolor paintings, but I settled on photography and digital art to expression my artistic passion. I still dabble of course but I spend more time in Photoshop than at my easel.

You can see more of my work on Facebook at:!/pages/Art-By-John/183828281684365

I hope you enjoy my work.



Go Big or Go Home by John Kain


Paintbrush Among the Bluebonnets by John Kain


Cone Flowers by John Kain


Pink Hibiscus by John Kain


Cool Ride On A Dreary Day by John Kain


Old No. 40 by John Kain


Ukes For Sale by John Kain


Single Water Lily by John Kain


Raguno by John Kain


Spanish Mission by John Kain


The Spaghetti West by John Kain


Canons in the Field by John Kain


Texas My Texas by John Kain


Chuckwagon by John Kain


Prayer Room 2 by John Kain